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About Us

Maritime fleet management software for effective vessel management

We offer

  • Planned SytemAn efficiently planned management system.
  • Data Building UtilitiesYou get a system equipped with data building utilities.
  • Effective Data ManagementThe system provides ease in managing data on the vessel
  • Overdue & Maintenance AnalysisYou get ease of doing analysis at all levels.
  • Effective Crew ManagementoJob creation oScheduling of planned jobs oEfficient management of unplanned jobs

Who are we?

Retrotech SA specializes in maritime fleet management. We provide the most optimized solutions to streamline all the internal process of any leading shipping company. Powerful business analytics and user-friendly dashboards in our software streamline all interdepartmental interactions.

Our holistic approach towards the ship management enables our users to reduce operational costs across their fleets. We offer digitalized workflows in technical, procurements, safety and crew management. Our team performs technology scouting constantly to come up with innovative digital solutions in support of the ship managers and owners so that can overcome new challenges in their businesses.

We are constantly working towards simplifying complexities through our skills in order to make everything possible that seem impossible.

Why us?

We have proven history of delivering reliable, safe and innovative solutions that ensures smooth running of operations. Retrotech SA has been first choice of over 100 clients across the shipping industry to navigate them towards digitalization.


By using Retrotech SA’s maritime software, the offshore planner can identify:


Impact on production

Various criticalities

Spares availability

Shutdown requirements,

Requirement of additional resources

Time estimation and more.

The system helps you identify maintenance jobs in case of risk assessment or shutdown.


Retrotech SA thrives on these 3 pillars







Retrotech SA is a passionate and young company, committed to creating innovative digitalized solutions for the maritime industry. We strive for distinct quality in all our solutions.

We can be your great business partner and help you growth strongly.