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Crew Manager

Manage your crew competencies using our refined approach
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A flawess crew management system designed to support your marine crewing requirements effectively

Effective performance of the vessel depends on the skill sets and qualifications of the crew. The job remains the same while the crew keeps changing as per the duration of their work contracts. RetroNET’s crew management system is an imperative tool to implement effective management. It is perfect for small, medium, and large fleet managers and vessel owners.

Crew Manager Elements

Features offered to help you manage your crew role effectively.

Crew document management

Crew Document Management system by RetroNET is tailor-made to be utilized in the shipping industry. It ensures that needs and demands specific to the industry are met. The automation processes used by our software simplifies the flow of events and eases out the entire affair which is a big time saving element. One of the many attributes of automating the Crew Document Management process involves using key web pages in which the candidates input and send in their requests. The software captures and classifies the given information.

It allocates certificates like education qualification, work experience, appraisal documents, medical certificates, and other personal documents.

Generate crew card or entire report about the crew members.

Check details of members who have signed in or signed off.

Crew Replacement Planner

Crew Replacement Planner is inline with OCIMF Crew Replacement Matrix as well as Safe Manning Matrix. It ensures effective management of certificates and documents of the crew while containing exhaustive list of crew and their attributes. The top management can easily identify about everyone working on the vessel.

The system:

Quickly finds list of available crew members along with their competency and matches them to job vacancy.

Holds list of certificates required as per company standards.

Manages various crew related factors such as:

  • Wage Calculation
  • Registration
  • Crew Database
  • Search utility for replacement
  • Appraisal notation
  • Credentials and documentation management

The ship management system ensures smooth-sailing of a vessel, for every voyage.

Driven by OCIMF matrix, the crew replacement planner suggests replacement of existing crew with new candidates.

The crew planner section includes areas like:

NMSI (number of months since inactive)

NMSCR (number of months sailed on the current rank)

NMTE (number of months total experience, including inactive period)

NMTS (number of months total sailed)

LAS (last appraisal score)

CED (certificates and documents that are expiring), WOC (working for another company), and next available date.

This utility lists all the suitable candidates while displaying their attributes (or lack of attributes) in the same screen. This helps easy and speedy selection of the most suitable crew for upcoming replacement.


Crew appraisal consists of a detailed questionnaire about the abilities, knowledge, and skill sets of the crew members. The section also lists the crew shortfalls on the vessel.

The crew appraisals and promotions have the following features

Rank-wise configurable list of appraisal questions can be setup to assess every rank as per the company standards.

Recommend and record training sessions for crew appraisals with integration with the crew training planner.

Appraiser can recommend appraisee for promotions while the final decision on accepting the promotion stays with the shore office.

Generate reports printable reports for archival purposes.

Crew training planner

Crew training planner maintains records of all the crew members with details of course topics, dates, and their respective completion status.

The top management can
Mark or assign new training for individuals or the group.
Generate list of active and inactive crew members.

Crew Payroll

RetroNET’s crew payroll simplifies payroll process of the crew members in your organization. Leave pays, crew wages, allotments, cash to master, wage slips, portage bill reports and all other expenses can be easily calculated using the integrated module.

Portage Bills are supported and are integrated with the payroll, so deductions are automatically added in the salary.
Bank Remittance Report can be generated through the system.

The module includes all the details of salary accounts and routines for payrolls. The daily routines comprise of maintenance of accounting, salary accounts, requires and many reports.

Our payroll module is a designed to match up the requirements from global organizations.

Rest Hours

Crew fatigue is a significant factor leading to some major incidents on the sea. Assuring proper work-rest balance is an essential part of the crew management. The MLC (Maritime Labor Convention) laws govern the crew schedule for work and rest hours. The crew rest hour section logs duty and rest hours of the crew in line with the MLC format.

The panel allows selection between the time at sea and at the port. The graphical interface logs the hours easily by the click of a mouse. The screen instantly shows any deviation of the work-rest schedule to indicate whether the respective vessel is in compliance or not.

The output log of the crew rest hour can be used as evidence during any audit, inspection, or investigation.

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