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Safety Module

Mitigate Risk & Ensure Safety of Your Vessels & The Crew
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With minimal inputs, expect effective quality management of your vessel.

Safety module seamlessly integrates the vessel’s mandate health, safety, environment, and quality related procedures. It is a great way to measure and eliminate possible risks involved on your fleet by giving timely reminders. The intuitive interface and paperless workflow are combined with intelligent linking of data. It assures the crew in effectively maintaining all statutory compliances with least efforts involved.

Safety Module Elements

The system contains everything that you need to handle security measures on the ship.

Survey and certificates

All vessel related certificates and surveys are grouped by categories for simplified segregation.

The management can view:

Issue and expiry dates.

When and who changed the certificate date.

Attach a digital reference if required.

Conduct surveys to identify techno-commercial estimates of various tasks planned in near future.

Locating precise document is very simple. You can set reminders for certificate renewals and track their validity using the panel. Once renewed, updating the document status is easily done without having to leave the main screen.

Risk assessment

Independent risk assessment may be done using inbuilt templates providing standard inputs to gauge hazard.

Create, add, or modify new risk assessment templates urging the defined parameters. Inbuilt forms are designed towards saving huge time and efforts.

The system is well connected with shutdown requests, PMS jobs, defect reports and unplanned jobs.

We support 3×3, 5×5, 6×6, right up to any matrix size as per company standards. 

Get graphical matrix for the entire risk assessment process.

Near-miss reporting

Near-miss reporting gives you alert for dangerous conditions that were detected before their occurrence. Get root-cause analysis of the incident and details of the potential damage that could have occurred. Plan necessary and setup mitigation measures based on event evaluation & avoid occurrence of such events in the future.

Incident reporting

Get details of incidents that lead to either equipment damage or harm to crew members.

The root-cause analysis of the incident reports the intensity of the damage caused. The panel provides preventive measures to evaluate the event and suggests actions to avoid their occurrences.

Non-conformance reports

Always stay in compliance by identifying unsafe acts and unsafe conditions.

You can identify the unsafe cause. Vessel and office users can issue NC (Nonconformance) if they foresee an issue & take preventive measure with the aim of reducing technical malfunction of the vessel.

The crew members can finish the pending jobs, fill-in the work details, attach images or reports as evidence, and close the pending non-conformance without leaving the screen.

Vessel inspections

CLASS Survey, Port State Control Survey, Superintendent Inspection, Internal/External Audit, 3rd Party inspections etc and other inspections can be recorded into the system for better tracking and completion. Officers can visit the vessel to see if it is fit for the purpose and record the same for further reference and analytics in digital form.

Internal and external inspections and their respective findings can be recorded into the system

Track, monitor and complete inspection findings.

Generate completion report to submit to third party.

Issue Non-Conformance reports against inspection findings.

Prepare images or diagrams against findings to document the case history.

Schedule recurring inspections.

View intricate details of various tasks and assign tasks to responsible persons.

Track progress of each inspection

Create a new unplanned job or defect job against a finding.

Document manager

Document manager is designed to store and manage various company related ISM/SMS documents in a digital form to avoid maintaining physical copies on the vessel. The system allows editing, replacing documents as per new revision for vessel and stack them in the documents manager based on categories viz Manuals, Forms and SMS/ISM Documents.

Upload/modify documents within the system hassle free unlike physical copies.

Record complete information on the revised forms. – Documents can be accessed through the vessel from any location.

Document modifications or replacement can be notified to the vessel staff through document notification in Documents Manager.

Forms reporting

Form reporting allows users to report.

All the ISM/SMS forms as per the company’s ISM/SMS documents can be imported into the system at the time of implementation. Forms can be reported by the vessel and the office can request for further amendments/corrections, thus maintaining data correctness.

The panel is connected to technical reporting. Forms can be filled against unplanned jobs, defect reporting, PMS jobs.

Safety Committee Meeting

The safety committee meeting is a gathering of the Master and safety officials and Head of Departments and crew members in the vessel in which matters relating to Quality, Health, Safety and Environment are discussed. To ensure that the vessel and its crew follow all safety procedures while doing their jobs and maintain a safe working environment.

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