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To help you establish sustainable fleet operations
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Get your infrastructural limitation eliminated completely!
SaaS based Services

Efficiency and growth of business should never be restricted due to infrastructural limitation. Additionally, neither the IT staff nor the crewmembers should be occupied by system management tasks from doing strategic work, especially when it comes to security issues. An independent system is all you need to get a few jobs done. 

Retronet SA’s SaaS based service model comes with great benefits for large, medium and small sized companies. Here are some of them:

Low initial set up cost.

Flexibility in use.

No in house maintenance cost.

Secure system can be accessed globally and is available 24×7.

No loss of data.

All in all the Saas services ensure great performance along with timely response required at all stages in your organisation.

Training & Implementation

In order to provide sustainable operations and efficiency at work, our team of IT & marine engineers are available with their complete support 24*7, 365 days.

Our quality training ensures that your crewmembers are ready to perform safe operations and have the ability to come out of all challenging situations.

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Data building services

Retronet SA’s system comes with a varied set of self data building capabilities that can be used for fleet-wide standardisation. Ship owners and managers can use in-built blank templates to create data as their vessel’s requirement. Spare part details, job procedures, component details can all be populated without much efforts.

There are two ways for utilising our services

Do It Yourself

Utilise our self data building capabilities within the panel and do it yourself.

Use excel templates to create data

Retrotech SA will migrate data using the templates

All this no additional cost.

Get Your Data Built

Trust our alliances and get your data built by our “recommended” list of companies. Over the years, we have worked with over 100’s of companies that can provide you services at varying prices. You can get benefited through our alliance that caters to all sized organizations.

If not this, then take our help in training your preferred vendor.
Retrotech SA can coach your alliances on how to use the system effectively & develop data as per your need.

Basically, whether you are migrating from an existing system or are building data from scratch, our team of skilled professionals can help and deliver an entirely functional database. Our support can help you in streamlining your operations to provide better efficiency.


What you get?

Our expertise
Our certified professionals are dedicated towards providing complete support throughout. We ensure that the job is done perfectly so we organise meetings and stay in touch constantly during all phases of the project.

Fleet management set up
We review and analyze your existing data and then provide our recommendations on organising your fleet management. This approach works best in standardizing processes and achieve efficiency which in turn saves huge expenses.

Data migration by experts
Get benefited by our expert’s vast experience in data migration and standardize your processes. Effective data cleaning and its flawless movement are the two necessary components in fleet management.

We ensure that the desired results are achieved by our successful involvement.

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