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Emission Control

Handling air pollution from the ship effectively
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Key for today’s offshore and marine industry is to exhibit environmental responsibility. Clients expect reliability and high-performance standard for Greenhouse exhaust gases. It is a matter of international control. Adhering to IMO & MARPOL Annex VI regulations established to prevent air pollution from ships is highly important.


Nitrogen Oxides (NOx) and Sulphur oxides (SOx) are two most important gases to be released in terms of emissions. Annex VI has an organized structure for the reduction of both in the next 10 years. Establishing emission control areas is quite challenging for the entire shipping industry. The ship management judges and decide their actions based on their cargo handling and fluid regulatory background. Any sort of non-compliance may lead to heavy penalties.


Despite of technical uncertainties that exist, our emission control monitoring system is proved to be one of the most effective follow up systems there could ever be. It provides long-term service on the vessel as a reliable and robust method to confirm compliance as per the emission regulations.

Single analyser to measure and evaluate multiple gases.

Voyage-wise analysis of emissions between two ports.

Monitors overall performance of the vessel

Markers like CO2 emitted between EU ports, arrival, departures

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Existing as well as new marine emission control requirements can be easily satisfied as our emission control system meets the legislative requirements of every vessel.