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Procurement Module

Organise Your Fleet Procurement Cycle
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Shipping industry demands constant monitoring and improvisation to meet the fast growing needs.

RetroNET procurement panel is designed to help you manage all the procurement activities of your vessel. 


Manual process of procurement through MS excel sheet or hard copies lead to unwanted cost overheads and documentation overload. This is due to limited information access to the team and tedious approval flow which lead to unnecessary delays at the fleet. Our procurement module allows quick and paperless requisition of material required for the management of vessels. 

The module automation removes the hassles of manually managing the inventories. As procurement decisions are made with visibility of all relevant data, a finer control on costs is achieved.


Effectively link the processes of requisition, PMS, and inventory management.

Replace the slow, manual process of part selection with a speedy and intuitive utility which allows users to view machinery diagrams while ordering.

Avoid excessive inventory while ensuring the required level of long-lead critical spares.

Manage consolidated requisitions, control shipment of material, select the best quotation from various sources, and choose convenient delivery ports for receiving the ordered material.

Control administrative costs and overheads for vessels as well as entire fleets.

View screens relevant to the vessel or the shore office as per the location.

The procurement module user invokes various functions through user-friendly graphical tiles on the dashboard.

Requisition Processing

The interface allows users to raise requests in a click. All kinds of requirement on the vessel can be generated through the panel. There is no possibility of duplication of parts order while maintaining stock levels on board.

Spare requisition

From identifying the spare part requirement to raising request for spares, this panel enables the user to handle all requests as per the required workflow.

View spare parts grouped by the assembly and their details.

Save time and efforts by automatically selecting the parts from catalogs based on the minimum stock levels maintained onboard.

Maintain minimum on-board stock levels.

Avoids duplicate purchases.

Notifies as soon as the quantities reaches their defined reorder level.

Highlights the new materials added in the requisition list.

Seek multi-level approval from purchase department on critical requests.

Modify required quantity, change delivery destination, reject specific parts, etc.

Color-coded markers are available updating status.

Store requisition

The same interface handles requisition of items other than engineering spares. It could be general engineering products, safety products, food stock, medical supplies, consumables, furniture, fittings, stationery, and similar.

Group items under several store types.

Generate a linked price list to save time.

Generate a purchase order.

Vessel sets

Consumable and non-perishable food items for the crew that needs to be replenished on a regular interval can be managed under this panel. The sectional also caters to ethnic sensitivity by making data set relevant as per crew nationality and based on their dietary preferences. This function allows detailed management of consumables for the crew, with the possibility of quick changes in case the number of people change through auto-calculation formulas.

Our technical module deals with the management of various categories of maintenance jobs while allowing the easy filling of reports for meeting compliances.

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Quotation Processing

The screen displays lowest to highest prices automatically along with details on offered discounts, shipping costs and taxation etc.

Comparison of quotation gets simpler with visual support simplifying hassles of taking decisions manually. RetroNET helps you choose the best vendors eliminating huge costs.

RetroNET has an independently functioning web portal that allows multiple vendors to submit their quotations directly into the system.

Purchase orders

Purchase orders
  • Role based Po approvals based on the total amount of the purchase order.
  • Indicative discounts, provision to record and document additional costs (Transportation, Port Charges, Duties, if any)
  • Record of whether the purchase was made against a lower quotation for further cost analysis.
  • Data sorting on levels of active, inactive, recent and past purchase orders.



Analysis report

View, understand and summarize large amount of information through data visualization.

The analysis report gives you better understanding on all the procurement activities. The report provides item wise as well as supplier wise analysis. It sums up details of every item bought on the bases of time and price. It gives the privilege of weighing options in between multiple analysis through customizable reports that can be changed on the fly by the end user to derive the desired output.

Role Based Approvals

Organize various levels of authority approvals in office and on the vessel. The integrated panel eliminates huge costs and time involved in manual approval process. Obviously, the digital system eliminates issues occurring due to delays.

Inventory Management

Track your inventory status using this panel.

Inventory management keeps complete details of the stock available at the vessel including item value and the history of their addition and removals. You can view, sort, and filter the items available and take necessary actions in your internal processes.

This process is highly supportive in handling the entire procurement process especially for items required in case of emergency while always staying in compliance.

Warehouse Support

Marine warehouses store all the necessary items at the shore and the warehouse support section at RetroNET keeps the record of them. You can track details of available stock and make the necessary procurement accordingly. The panel gives an overview of history of the stocks too. You can do an analysis of the port warehouses that are accessible and resupply the vessels with items at the click of a button.

It contains information on transfer orders at the vessel, transfer processing and transfer orders at the office.

Consumption reporting

Consumption reporting displays details of each item consumed at the vessel during a specified amount of time. This includes, food supply, medicines, spare parts etc. The report supports the crew in effective supply management of goods required at the vessel.

Consumption can also be reported against the components. Further component wise consumption reports can be generated.

Store management

As soon as the material reaches the stores, it gets updated on the inventory level. You can track and compare prices using the stores supplier price list. This enables you to evaluate costs for large items consumed during a stipulated period and take informed decisions.